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Katas Of Wado Ryu Karate

Kata is a composition of basic and advanced techniques of various kinds of stances, postures, hand techniques, foot techniques and body movements of which include blocking and counter-attacking, escaping, avoiding and entering.

Kata are predetermined sequences of movements and techniques which have been handed down to the present day by the founders of the art,via their students.

Before free-sparring was introduced as a training method, kata was the main activity done in the karate dojo. Most view kata as an important and valuable training method for improving balance, stance, fitness and general movement, as well as learning the individual techniques and their correct applications.

Kata should always be practiced with purpose and intent, the opponents in Kata fighting are numbered four or more. Kata should be practiced with good form, correct distance, proper timing, Zenshin, Kime (focus) with techniques directed to exact target areas.

There are fifteen kata within the Wado-Ryu system which will be taught to you over time.

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* Pinan Ninan
* Pinan Shodan
* Pinan Sandan
* Pinan Yondan
* Pinan Godan
* Kushanku Kata
* Passai Kata
* Chinto Kata
* Seishan
* Naihanchi Kata
* Jion
* Jitte Kata
* Rohai Kata
* Wansu Kata
* Niseishi Kata
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