Back Training!

Back to training in Sept.
It’s been such a long time, but thankfully as things stand presently I can confirm that Young Gloves (Karate & Boxercise) will be returning from Mon 7 Sept to regular training.
Of course there will be changes and safety measures put into place and training will have to change slightly, however I for one am really looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Classes are being held on Mon, Tues, Thurs and Sat and there will be a pre-booking in form on our website soon.  (There has been as temporary change to timetable check website).
All classes have limited spaces but please feel free to book the number of lessons you want.
If there is a need for more sessions then I’ll put on a Fri night too but I won’t know of a need unless you guys let me know.
I’m determined that all YGK members can return to training.
I’ll be sending out this booking link very soon via the normal ways.

Please note all classes are now mixed (Adults & Children) so if you ever fancied joining with your family then this would be an ideal time.
I’ve trained for 20 years with my daughter (Samantha) and have made so many great memories I can’t recommend it high enough.

  • All classes need to be booked in advanced to ensure that classes are fewer than 20 students training. Lessons are booked online up to 2 weeks in advanced. The website will be updated each Mon to enable future bookings.
    Payment can be done online or cash on the day, but please sort out correct money, and put it into an envelope to avoid having to deal with change.
  • Social distancing between each student & Instructors must be endeared to at all times.
  • No spectators watching the classes. If parents wish to stay that can be obliged by them taking part in the class with their children.
  • Trainers or pumps to be worn.
  • Any questions can be answers via text, email, or social media.
  • A one way system will be in place, no one may enter the dojo until the previous class has vacated.
  • Hand sanitizers will be at the entrance of the dojo, all members must use this before entering.
  • No sparring will be allowed in class until further notice.
  • Anyone with a temperature or any signs of illness will not be permitted to enter the dojo.

Zoom & Private classes  Students taking part in online classes please be aware that I go away on holiday for a week so there won’t be any sessions from 15 – 22 Aug.
We can go back online for another couple of weeks from week beginning 24 Aug before we return to venue classes.

Online Interactive Quiz  A huge success of the lockdown has been our Sat nights family quiz.  Again I’m away on the 15 Aug so there won’t be a quiz, returning 22 Aug.
This will then continue weekly until we return to regular training when it will become monthly.

Can I can thank everyone for their continued support and patience in this difficult time.
I plan to get ALL venues back to normal asap this will depend on the level of support we get
i.e. the more support we get the faster we can get back to normal venues and times J
Sadly a lot of martial arts clubs have struggled and have had to take the decision to close.
I started YGK 20 years ago on my own and built it to what it is today.
Now I’m not alone, I have a family of like minded people and with your continued support we will see our club rise to even greater achievements.
I’m always grateful and honoured to be part of this amazing club; I can’t wait to see you all and to continue our successful enjoyable future together J

Sensei Justin Thomas 5th dan
Tel 07786 696559