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Self Defence Course 26th Sept 12.00 -14.00
Hosted by WMP Personal Trainer and Young Gloves Instructor Samantha Thomas giving extensive knowledge and Personal Protection skills to 13 and over.   This is not limited to club members, family and friends are more than welcome, and I really feel it will be a great benefit to all, especially highlighting the fact that a female CAN defend themselves given the right physical and mental skills and experience.  The cost is £10 per person in aid of Smile For Joel.
Places are limited so please book using the above link

Basic 1st Aid Course 10th Oct 12.00 – 1400
This will give such valuable life saving skills to 10 years olds and over.   I really can’t over etherise the value of these skills, it just a must for everyone to attend.
Again this is not limited to Young Gloves members, and if children are attending they need to be accompanied by an adult.  Cost is £10 in aid of Smile for Joel.
Places are limited so please book using the above link

Karate Grading Mon 8 Nov – Sat 14th Nov
Now that the whole of the Young Gloves Syllabus can be practised we have the opportunity to grade all members of the club to their next rank is they can demonstrate the desired requirements.

Interclub karate competition 28th Nov 
Back by popular demand is our very own karate competition where everyone is invited to come together to show their amazing skills together.
Always the highlight of the year for Young Gloves, with everyone goes home happy having won a medal for taking part, trophies given for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
Raffles, tombola’s, and other activities held on the day.
This is for absolutely for every member, with everyone split into male and female categories defined by grade, age where appropriate.
We have been effected by Covid and as such there may not be as many entering this year, so I feel it’s really up to every member and family to help make this the success of previous years.