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Upcoming Events Will Be Announced Here For 2022

Year Planner gradings and competition date.

Hi everyone thought I’d share some events that Young Gloves are hosting and hope will be supported by all students, family and friends

Young Gloves Karate Grading – Week beginning Mon July 11th July – Sat 16th July
For all students that are ready have acquired all the knowledge and skills needed to level up to the next karate rank.
Please make sure you are aware of the requirements by studying the syllabus found on our website.



Young Gloves Summer BBQ & Music Festival 24th July – An incredibly popular event selling out in just 2 weeks.  This will be an amazing event raising funds for Reach Out whilst also enjoying everyone’s company.
If anyone wasn’t lucky enough to get tickets please let me know as there is a waiting list if people have to drop out for any reason.
Food and drink is available but can everyone please bring their own seating.



Stourport Carnival Sat 3rd Sept. 
All Young Gloves members, friends and family will be marching through Stourport taking part in the annual parade.  This years theme for the club is “Bee Kind” with the club’s float decorated with pictures of Bumble Bees with different words depicting “Kindness”.
Being kind to people is very much the ethos of the club and certainly in the media at the minute, as is the need to preserve all our wildlife such a Bees.   So whilst on  Half Term Holls why not get “BUSY” and create your own artwork of bumble bees, bring them in to your instructor to be used on display as students, parents and friends proudly parade through Stourport representing our fine club.

More events are planned this year including “First Aid Course”, “Awards Evening”, “Fun Run”, “Interclub Competition”.
All these events cannot be possible without the continued support of members and families and I always say that you get out of the club what you are prepared to put in.
Again big thanks to everyone that contributes in making these events a success, clearly Young Gloves is not just a normal karate club, but a community club making great things happen for both members and our own community.
Keep up the work and making memories 🙂