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Upcoming Events Will Be Announced Here For 2023

Year Planner gradings, courses, charity events & competition dates.

Hi everyone thought I’d share some events that Young Gloves are hosting and hope will be supported by all students, family and friends

Young Gloves Karate Grading
Weeks beginning March 20th, July 10th, Nov 13th
For all students that are ready have acquired all the knowledge and skills needed to level up to the next karate rank.
Please make sure you are aware of the requirements by studying the syllabus found on our website.


Young Gloves Pre-Grade Courses –
All grades Birchen Coppice School Kidderminster March 18th, July 8th, Nov 11th
9.00am – 10.00am Beginners (White Belt-Orange)
10am – 11.00am Intermediate (Green-Purple)
11.00am – 12.00pm Advanced Brown – Above

Back by popular demand is our Pre-Grade Course. Slightly different to how we used to run them, and more directed to specifically to each student, going through all that is needed for the grading the following week. I’m trialling this idea to see if it’s a success with the course just £5
Please bring your licences on the day to have them signed that you have attended a karate course.

Self Defence Course Sun March 12th 10.00am-12.00pm Kidderminster District Youth Trust Bromsgrove St. DY10 1PF Hosted by Young Gloves Karate with guest Steve Neal.
2 hour session for everyone Young Gloves members or not both male and female over 12.
Covering simple yet very effective techniques and strategies to help with social problems we see on our streets.  This really isn’t to be missed, £10.00 per person
supporting Kidderminster District & Youth Trust




Quiz and Chip Night May 12th Local venue to be announced soon.  Put the date in your diary.  Always a very popular night with a pub quiz and chips.
Totally family and children friendly raising funds for KDYT








Nov 5th 10.00 – 12.00 Knife Awareness
2 hours session hosted by Young Gloves and Police helping to tackle the knife crime issues we have in the community.
Open to all members of Young Gloves as well as friends and family.







Young Gloves Annual Charity Competition 2023 –

Sun 26 Nov. Young Gloves Karate are hosting the 24rd annual competition raising money for local charities.
Over this time the club has successfully given over £75,000.
This year we are raising money for our partners Kidderminster District and Youth Trust”
Medals given to every person that enters to remember the day by as everyone is a winner supporting our incredible club and very worthy charity.