Naihanchi kata

Naihanchi Kata

Naihanchi kata is the seventh kata within the Wado system. This Kata trains Naihanchi position which is a stance similar to that of the Kibadachi (horse riding stance), with legs a little higher and the feet turned slightly inwards.

The difficulty of this Kata comes from the particular stance. The force is concentrated in the legs and stomach. All the upper body movements are to the front, or to the sides. There are few body movements and these are always sideways. The techniques are restrained but performed with strength.

1. Naihanchi starts slightly different to the other Kata’s in that it begins with you in Heisokudachi (Closed toe stance). Toes directed inwards. Place your left hand on your right-hand naturally.

2,3,4. Make a circle with both hands. (This is to indicate you have no weapons concealed!) Bring back to the starting position again. Just as in Kushanku Kata.

5. Look to the left, slowly and calmly.

6. Look to the right, slowly and calmly.

7. Step out with the left and then the right and have Naihanchi stance.

8. Perform right Tate Shuto (vertical knife hand) block-punch towards your right.

9. Perform left Yoko Enpi (sideward elbow strike). Hit your right hand flat as your imaginary target. Enpi is a short weapon, therefore it is necessary to twist your body sharply from the hips.

10. Twist back your body and have a preparation form. Turn your head towards the left.

11. Perform left Gedan Barai to your left.

12. Perform right Chokuzuki 45 degrees left, and draw it back immediately to that of preparation form. Step out with the right and then the left and have Naihanchi stance.

13. Perform right Sotouke Jodan (outer block) at the last minute to the front. Turn your head to the front at the same time.

14. Perform right Gedan Barai on the spot.

15. Perform left Sotouke Jodan again to the front and on the spot while still in Naihanchi stance.

16. Look to the left!

17,18. Perform left Ashi-Barai (lower leg sweep), then replacing your left foot back in same position it came from, again Naihanchi stance, and still looking to your left. Twist your body from the hips sharply in the same direction, to power the Sotouke Jodan which is still in place.

19. Quickly and sharply look to the right.

20. As before Ashi-Barai with the right lower leg.

21. Bring your foot back and have Naihanchi stance. Perform left Uchiuke (inward block) by twisting the upper body.

22. Twist back your body to the left and have preparation form. Turn your head to face the left at the same time.

23. Perform a double punch to the left. Left straight punch and right Kagizuki (hook punch). KIAI!

24. Draw back your hands as if you are trying to get rid of an opponents seize, by tensing the whole body equally.

25. Perform right Yoko Enpi by twisting your body. The same as in No.9. Relax a few seconds between Nos 24 and25.

26 to 41. Repeat the movements from No 10 through to 23, but in the opposite direction

42. Yame. Bring your right foot to have Heisokudachi. Bring back your hands to front of your thigh just as you originally