Pinan Godan

Pinan Godan Kata

Pinan Godan is the fifth and last of the five Pinan Katas.

1. Begin in ready stance (Shizentai/Yoi). Feet shoulder width apart, hands forming fists placed in front of your thighs.

2. As in the third Kata Pinan Shodan, Slide your left foot to the left but keep your weight centralized. Turn your hips anticlockwise into left cat stance and extend your right fist palm downwards across your stomach. Your left fist overlays your right and carries on upwards like a windscreen wiper into a Jodan forearm block. Pull your right fist back to your side to help power the block. The hip-twist, pull back and block are all performed as one.

3. Maintain your stance as you pull the block back to your left hip. Use this action to power a punch to the opponent’s midsection.

4. Step up to your left foot with the right so the heels touch. Turn your hips so they are forward facing and pull the spent punch back to your right side. Bring your left fist palm downward across your chest. There is a gradual down hill run all the way from shoulder to knuckles. You have already encountered this stance in Pinan Yodan.

5. Now repeat the opening sequence. Twist your hips to the right and draw back your left fist, turning it palm upwards. Use this action to help power a Jodan forearm block.

6. Draw back the block and punch to the midsection with your left fist.

7. Step to your front foot and twist your hips to the front. Pull your left fist back to your side and take the right across your chest.

8. Step forward into right back stance and as you move, perform a right forearm Jodan block, guarding your chest with your left forearm.

9. Take a long step forwards with your left leg, blocking right forearm over left in a midsection Juji Uke, X block.

10. Draw back both fists and turn them so the palms face you. Then open and thrust them upwards in a second X-block, this time reaching above your head.

11. Wipe your right hand along the back of your left and drop both hands to your front. Your left wrist is palm downwards facing on top of the right, which is palm upwards facing.

12. Pull your right hand back and close it into a fist. Thrust the left up and outwards, straightening the elbow as you perform a hammerfist strike.

13. Step forwards into right lunge punch to the opponent’s mid section. Kiai!

14. Transfer weight over your trailing left leg and step across the front with your right. Draw back your right fist.

14a. Continue the scissors-step and thrust out right hammerfist into the opponent’s floating ribs.

15. Look left, cross your forearms in front of your chest and draw the right back to your side. Use this action to thrust out a left hammerfist. Straighten your knees during this action and allow your stance to narrow.

16. Step through and forwards with your right foot, driving your right elbow into your left palm.

17. Maintain your height and slide the left foot forwards until it comes along side the right. At the same time, drop your right fist through the inside of your left elbow and windscreen-wiper it up into a forearm block. Close your left hand into a fist and turn it downward facing.

18. Slide your left foot back as you do so, lower your right fist. As your left foot comes to a stop, pull in your left elbow and thrust your right fist in a downwards facing punch. Lean into the punch but look to your left.

19. Turn anticlockwise, moving weight over your left knee and jumping high into the air. Draw back both fists to your sides and make sure you lift both feet clear of the ground.

20. Land poised on the balls of your feet and knees well bent. Perform a low X-block with the right forearm overlaying the left. Keep your back straight and upright.

21. Spring to the right with the right foot and perform a right Jodan augmented forearm block. The left forearm has the fist palm upwards across the chest. Second Kiai occurs at this point.

22. Look over your left shoulder and allow your left foot to slide naturally across. Drop your right fist down below your left elbow, then pull it back into a high forearm block. At the same time, twist your hips powerfully and thrust out lower Gedan Barai. Lean over the right foot so your body is in one straight line.

23. Keep your arms steady as you draw back your left foot with a smooth, deliberate movement and straighten up.

24. Keep your arms still as you step to the corner with your right foot pointing. Bring your right arm over the top of your left in front of your chest. Then as the slide is coming to a stop, draw the left into a high forearm block and thrust the right into a Gedan Barai block.

25. Finish by drawing your right foot back into Yoi stance. Feet shoulder width apart with fists resting in front of your thigh’s.