Pinan Shodan

Pinan Shodan Kata

Pinan Shodan is officially the first of the five Pinan Katas, but as in most Wado-Ryu syllabuses this is usually the second Kata you will be shown.

1. Begin in ready stance (Shizentai/Yoi). Feet shoulder width apart, hands forming fists placed in front of your thighs.

2. Slide your left foot to the left but keep your weight centralised. Swing both fists up at the same time. The knuckles on the left fist are turned away from you. The knuckles on the right turn towards your face.

3. Simultaneously strike down with your right fist as you draw back the left to the side of your jaw. The right fist is vertical and the left turns so the palm is towards your jaw. Maintain your stance.

4. Draw your right fist back to your ribs, using this action to thrust out a left hammerfist to the height of your opponent’s temple. Notice how your hips have turned forward- facing and the stance has shortened and changed.

5. Slide the right foot to the side. Swing both fists up together to make a simultaneous double block as before.

6. Strike with your left fist and draw the right back.

7. Turn your hips, draw back your left fist and hammerfist with the right. (Same as in step 4).

7a. Swivel your hips to allow you to look behind you, allowing your right foot to slide naturally. Drop your right fist palm-down and across your stomach.

8. Swing your right forearm in to a Jodan-Uchi-Uke (outer block), and at exactly the same time, front kick to the opponent’s mid section. Ensure you don’t hunch your shoulders or allow the left fist to move away from your ribs.

8a. Set the kicking foot down, so the heals close to your left foot. Maintain the block.

9. Look over your left shoulder and slide your left foot forwards. Extend your right hand with fingers open and the palm turned downwards. At the same time, draw your left hand to the side of your face. Draw your right hand back to your chest and turn it palm upwards/fingers extended. Use this action to power your left knife block across your face. Bring the block to a stop at exactly the same time as your right hand stops moving.

10. Transfer weight over your lead foot and drop your left hand palm-downwards. Pull the right back to the side of your face. Execute a crisp right Jodan-Shuto-Uke.

11. Perform a third and final Jodan-Shuto-Uke.

12. Slide your right foot forwards and ready your right hand. Step into right forwards-stance and pull your left hand back to the hip. Close it into a fist. Use the action to power a vertical right spear hand, aiming into the center line of your body. Kiai.

13. Transfer weight onto your leading foot and turn anticlockwise towards the corner, drawing up your left foot as you do. Extend your right hand palm downwards and bring the left to the right side of your face.Slide forward into left Jodan-Shuto-Uchi.

14. Continue along the diagonal into right Jodan-Shuto-Uchi.

15. Slide your right foot across to the second diagonal. Bring your right hand to the side of your face and extend the left palm-downwards. Perform right Jodan-Shuto-Uchi.

16. Step forward into left Jodan-Shuto-Uchi. Slide your right foot across on preparation to….

17. …Block right Jodan-Uchi-Uke. The action is facilitated by pulling back the left fist to the hip.

18. Maintain your block as you front kick to the mid section with your right foot. Don’t hunch your shoulders and don’t let your left fist move away from the ribs.

19. Land in right reverse punch stance, using the energy of your movement plus pulling back the block to power a left reverse punch to mid section.

20. Drop your left fist palm-downwards across your stomach. Use your hip to power a left Jodan-Uchi-Uke.

21. Left front kick to mid section.

22.Land in left reverse punch stance, again as in step19, throw a second gyakuzuki-chudan to mid section.

23. Step forward with your right foot and drop both fists to your left hip. Bring both arms sharply upwards into a double forearm block (Jodan-morote-uke). The right is in normal Jodan-Uchi-Uke position, the left lies palm-upwards across the chest. Kiai at this point.

24. Slide your trailing foot across, pull your right fist to the hip and make ready to perform left Gedan Barai from left forward stance. You are now facing along the third diagonal.

25. Step forward into right forward stance and use the motion of the step plus the pull back of the left fist to power a right Jodan-Uke.

26. Slide your right foot to the last diagonal and bring your right fist across your chest in preparation for….

27. ….a right Gedan Barai.

29. Step forward into a final left forward stance and perform a left Jodan-Uke. Then withdraw your left foot and twist to face the front once more in attention stance.