Pinan Yondan

Pinan Yondan

Pinan Yodan is the forth of the five Pinan Katas within the Wado-Ryu system

1. Begin in ready stance (Shizentai/Yoi). Feet shoulder width apart, hands forming fists placed in front of your thighs.

2. Slide your left foot to the left but keep your weight centralized. Open your hands so the palms are turned towards yourself.

2a. Move body weight over your left foot.

3. Swing both arms over and across and block to the right (mirror image to your previous move).

3a. Draw both fists back to your sides and centralize your weight. Keep both knees well bent, so you don’t bob up and down.

4. Slide forward into left forward stance and thrust both fists out in a midsection X-block. Both fists are turned downwards – facing.

5. Maintain your arms in position as you step forward with your right foot. Be sure to maintain the same height! Pull back your left hip, using this action to help power a right high section forearm block. Your left fist pulls back to the chest and rotates into palm-upwards position.

6. Step smoothly up to your front foot, pressing the two together. Pull your right fist back to your side and bring your right palm -downwards across your chest. Look left!

7. Simultaneously perform a mid section parry with your left forearm and front kick to the mid section with your left foot. Don’t hunch your shoulders or allow your right fist to move away from your ribs.

8. Set the spent kicking foot down and drop weight onto a right horizontal elbow strike to the ribs, cupping the point of the attacking elbow in your left hand.

9. Slide your right foot to the left and turn to face the front. Your right arm is held palm downwards across your chest, the left pulls back palm upwards against your side. Look right!

10. Simultaneously front kick and parry with the right leg and arm respectively.

11. Drop the spent foot forwards and perform elbow strike into your right palm.

12. Thrust your left arm downwards, the thumb-side facing towards you. Bring the right up to shield your face. Look left! Swivel your hips and thrust out your right hand, blocking with the palm. Your fingers point towards the opponent. Bring your left forearm up to shield your face.

13. Maintain the position of your hands as you perform a high section front kick. Make sure they don’t fly away from your body, and keep your supporting leg bent.

13a. Drop the spent foot lightly in a forward position, maintaining your hand position. Then transfer weight onto your front forward foot and drop your left, palm-downwards facing, across your chest. Bring your right fist up the inside and make ready to…

14. …Perform a powerful vertical back fist to the bridge of the opponent’s nose. Your left wrist has pulled back to your side. Note the stance! Both knees are well bent and the right leads by a short distance. Kiai!

15. Take your left foot diagonally back and make ready to block. Turn strongly and block to the high section with the left forearm. The right fist is pulled back to your side.

16. Keep your hands steady as you kick to mid section.

17. Drop the kicking foot into right forward stance and perform right lunge punch.

18. Slide your front right foot across slightly to the right to widen your stance and put your hips behind a left reverse punch to the mid section. Note that both punches are performed to exactly the same area as the kick.

19. Turn your hips and slide your right foot around until you face the other diagonal. As before block with your right forearm.

20. Front kick to the mid section.

21. Land forward stance and lunge punch to mid section.

22. Widen stance slightly and perform reverse punch to mid section.

23. Slide your left foot across, partly withdraw the spent punch and bring the left fist palm-downwards across you body. Strongly pull back your right fist and forearm block to high section with the right. The block is made by the thumb side of the forearm.

24. Step through with your right foot and repeat the block, using the pull back of the left fist to help power the right block.

25. Step through and perform the third and final block.

26a. Twist your hips square on. Drop your left fist across your chest as you bring the right fist forward.

26. The right fist goes under the left elbow and then swings up to windscreen wiper across it in a double forearm block to the high section.

27. Thrust both arms down to the side, at the same time performing a knee strike to mid section. Second Kiai occurs at this point.

28. Drop your kicking foot and look over your left shoulder. Slide your left foot diagonally back and begin turning your hips counter clockwise. Your left arm folds across your chest with the palm turned downwards and the hand open. The right lifts, the palm turned towards your face. Drop the right hand down to cover your chest and swing the left up into a drawing block. Note the open hands and the palm turned away from the body.

29. Rock body weight onto the left foot and step forward on the other diagonal with your right foot. Raise your left arm and take the right down and across your body. Drop your left arm down into guarding position while swinging the right into a second drawing block.

30. Remain in your last stance until “Yamei” is called by the Sensei. Once called end Kata by stepping slightly to the left with the left foot and drawing the right slowly after it. Drop both fists into the ready position.