Rohai Kata

Rohai Kata

1. Musubi-Dachi.

2. Yoi. Heisoku-Dachi.

3. Step out to the right into Naihanchi stance, as you cross your arms in front of your chest.

4. Tense your arms as your pull the arms back to your waist.

5. Bring your arms up in front of your face, backs of the hands together.

6. Open the hands.

7. Looking to the left take your left arm up to the head, palm facing away. Your right hand open across your body.

8. Block down as in the start of Pinan Nidan with left Tettsui.

9. Pull back your left arm to your waist and with your right perform Nukite(spear hand).

10. Pull back your right arm to your right side, perfprm kake-uke with your left arm (hook block).

11. Punch to the body with a stop punch off the right arm, left returns to the left side of your waist.

12. Turn pivoting on your left foot 180 degrees into Naihanchi stance.

13. Punch right Junzuki chudan on the sopt.

14. Perform left junzuki chudan on the spot.

15. Bring your right footup in an avoidance motion, at the same time raise your right arm, hand open handed. Left arm comes across the body in preperation for the next move.

16. Pivot on your left supporting leg 180 degrees to the right.

17. Look to your left, put the right foot flat on the floor. Right hand returms to the waist, aiding the power of the left hand to perform left Tettsui.

18. Step through and punch junzuki chudan..

Repeat step 15.
Repeat Step 16.
Repeat step 17.
Repeat step 18.

22. Move right foot half way back and bring the right arm back to the body.

23. Step out with the right foot into Tate-Seishan, performing a double punch jodan and lower chudan.

24. Bring your right foot all the way back to your left, heals together. Bring your left arm back to your waist, right arm across your body.

25. Step out with your left leg again into Tate-Seishan performing double punch jodan and lower chudan.

26. Pull left leg back to the right, heals together. Pull left hand back to your waist, right arm across the body.

27. Step out once more with the right leg, again perform double punch jodan and lower chudan. Kiai.

28. Turning 360 degrees to the right step around with your feet until you are in right leg fighting stance and block Shuto-Uke.

29. Step forward into left leg stance and perform Shuto-Uke.

30. Move right foot back so you are straight on an cross arms bak into Naihanchi stance.

31. With tension as at the start, pull the hands back to your waist.

32. Move left slightly with your right foot then move right leg into Heisoku-Dachi. Arms out to the sides tension still applied to do this.