Seishan Kata

This Kata focuses on movement, fundamental movements and variations of these according to the situation. These movements involve the usage of the body’s full strength in the former and swift, quick movements with the respect to the latter. In the former, distribute the body’s strength equally, without becoming too tense to keep a smooth ‘flow’ of movements.

Keep in mind that all movements occur using the whole body, never the legs or arms alone.

This is a very advanced and powerful Kata, involving alternating phases of breathing and rapid movements which release the body’s inner energy.

Begin in ready stance (Shizentai/Yoi), as in the Pinan Kata’s. Open your left foot then your right foot for the wider stance. Bring your left hand over your right hand at the same time. Palms facing towards you.

1. Step out with your left foot using a circular motion into left seishan stance at the same time perform soto-uke chudan with the left arm which is place under your right. This movement is performed slowly and with tension.

2. Punch out with your right arm with power and tension.

3. Step out with your right foot in a circular motion into right seishan stance.

4. Block right soto-uke chudan.

5. Punch out with your left arm.

6. Step out with your left foot again using the circular motion of your feet into left seishan stance. Block using left soto-uke chudan.

7. Punch out with the right arm.

8. Make your fists into one knuckle fists, pulling both hands back together, bring both elbows up together, bring both your hands down together pushing your hands out in frint of you, the height height of this movement at the end should be lower waist.

9.Open your hands and pull back until your hands are level with your shoulders. Then bring both hands down together. All these movements should be performed slowly, and under tension, but powerful at the same time.

10. Turn 180 degrees, by moving your right foot in front of your left so when you turn you are in seishan stance facing the opposite direction.

11. Perform right soto-uke chudan but with your hands open. Your left arm is in gedan barai position. Pull back your right arm to your hip as if grabbing an imaginary opponents arm.

12. Moving in acircular motion step into right seishan stance, perform left soto-uke and right gedan barai, the same as previously but in reverse bringing your left hand back to your hip Kake- uke (grab).

13.Step out with your left foot using a circular motion again in to left seishan stance. Perform right soto-uke and left gedan barai. Pull back your right hand using Kake-uke.

14. Turn `80 degrees into Tate seishan stance at the same time block soto-uke jodan. Kiai.On the spot punch two punches to chudan level reverse punch followed by front punch.

15. Turn to your left 180 degrees into left Tate seishan once more blocking soto uke jodan followed by reverse punch and front punch on the spot to chudan level.

16. Turn 180 degrees to your right into Tate seishan and block right soto-uke Jodan. Followed by the reverse punch and front punch again on the spot.

17. Bring your knee up, at the same time performing Uraken backfist upwards as if to hit your opponents chin. Turn 180 degrees to your left coming down into Shiko dashi stance, at the same time bringing your left arm around and down on to the bridge of your opponents nose.

18. Step forward with your right foot and kick Maegeri front kick at the same time pulling your left hand back nto your hip. As you land with your left foot forward punch Tgidachi stance. This punch iss aimed for the pit of your stomach height. Pull your left foot back into Tate seishan stance and punch with your right arm chudan level at the same time. Then block Jodan.

19. The following movements are a repeat of 18.

20. This is a repeat of the movements of 18 once again.

21. Perform right crescent kick, Mikazukigeri, towards your right hand. As you bring your foot down you should be in Tate seishan stance. Punch with your right arm chudan level. Kiai. Draw back your left foot as if to protect your groin from a kick bringing your hands back in preparation for a block using both hands.

70. Remain in your last stance until “Yamei” is called by the Sensei. Once called end Kata by stepping slightly to the left with the left foot and drawing the right slowly after it. Drop both fists into the ready position.