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26th June 2015 38 people were murdered in the Tunisia Terrorist Attacks, 3 people sadly from the same family.
That was Joel Richards along with his Uncle and Granddad.  They were killed on the first day of what should have been a family holiday.
I knew Joel was on holiday there and when I heard about the shootings I messaged him to see if he was OK – You never think these things are going to affect you!
How wrong was I?
I met Joel whilst studying at University of Worcester and he became a wonderful friend who I’ll always remember.
I was absolutely horrified and to this day still feel like Joel was cheated out of his wonderful future which I know he would have had.

2020,  with your help we aim to raise a great amount for this very worthy cause.
Our target is £5,000 for Smile for Joel, honouring and remember all those that didn’t come home on that tragic day and helping others to deal with the loss of family members through murder.
Because of Covid 19 this target has proven difficult but we have still raised a huge amount which I’m very proud of.  2021 Young Gloves will be carrying on supporting this charity to help raise as much as possible

We have T shirts and Wrist bands available to be worn at each event 2020 a “Just Giving” page to monitor where we are in terms of funding.
I want Joel’s smile to continue and live on in all of us.
I know that Joel will be smiling on us all now, looking at what we are all achieving because,
Together We Achieve More.
Thanks For All Your Support x