Black Belt Grading 2011

19 Nov 2011 saw 10 more students from Young Gloves Karate successfully become 1st Dan Black Belts.
Morgan Schmeising Barnes, Ninian Schmeising Barnes, Daniel Schmeising Barnes, Jason Mayall, Tyler Stanford, Anna Ward, Jordan Darnley Fleurs, Niamh Griffiths, Elissa Cain, and Ryan Edmonds all performed extremely well under a immense pressure both physically and mentally for 3 hours.
All students had to perform all of the black belt syllabus including Japanese techniques learnt from memory, all Katas, and self defense techniques.

Every successful student really had to put themselves out and train to their maximum in the months prior to the grading to reach the the high standards set out by the club.
The grade of black belt 1st dan can not be taken lightly. It is a massive achievement, and one that will open many doors in the future for these martial artists. Many people reach a good standard of education, but how many people do you know that has become a black belt?
I was immensely proud of everyone on the night, all the hard work was worth it.
May I also take the time to thank all the other senior grades and parents within Young Gloves Karate who took the time to come down to offer support. You once again have proved a great asset to the club and your efforts do not go unnoticed.
If any other students are interested in taking their 1st dan next year it would be a good idea to talk to other fellow black belts along with parents to fully appreciate the challenge ahead.
There will be no pressure placed on students to take this grade, but obviously to be considered the student needs to be ready.

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