Karate Competition 2011


Special thanks to Mandy Painter for coming along 24 Jan 2012 to receive the cheque on behalf of Starlight and to thank all the children in person for doing so well.

Nov 27 2011 saw Young Gloves Karate host this years competition raising money for Starlight.
156 Students from the club came together from 5 year olds to adults making this a fantastic day.

Every competitor whether it be in Kata or Kumite really shown off their skills.
The day started with 8 new Young Gloves 1st dan black belts receiving their certificates from our recent grading. Kata followed, with our youngest members, leading up to adults, before moving onto kumite (sparring).

There was also a Nunchucku demonstration by Gemma Foynes, Samantha Thomas and Yasmin White.
A massive screen was setup this year projecting the katas and finals of the fighting.
May I say a really big thank you to everyone that supported this day whether it be instructors, competitors or parents, and especially the people that helped out not only on the day, but on Sat night setting up and Sun afterwards. Your efforts do not go unnoticed and are very much appreciated.

As you can imagine to set up and organise events on this scale is very time consuming and tiring, but extremely satisifying and well worth it when we see so many people coming together just once a year supporting such a good cause.

I was very proud of you all. Well done, and here's to next year.
The exact amount raised will be announced as soon as all the sponsorships come in.

You can download pictures of every student performing by clicking the links below.

If anyone would like a high quality picture please contact me.

Eight new blackbelts receive their 1st Dan Certificates at the start of the tournament.

Anna Ward

Daniel Schemising Barnes

Ellisha Cain

Jordan Darnly Fleurs

Morgan Schemising Barnes

Niamh Griffiths

Ninian Schemising Barnes

Ryan Edmonds

1st Place 2nd & Joint 3rd

Kata 4th Kyu & Below
1st Brandon Botfield
2nd Lucy Probert
3rd Connor Palmer
3rd Daniel Lawson

Kata Under 10 Advanced
1st Ryan Hazelwood
2nd John Watkins
3rd Spensor Benton
3rd Daniel Ellery

Kata 10 - 13 Advanced
1st Niamh Griffiths
2nd Jordan Darnley Fleurs
3rd Kayleigh Avery
3rd Morgan Schemising Barnes

Kata 14 - 16 Advanvced

1st Samanth Thomas
2nd Luke Kirkham
3rd Max Love
3rd Rachel Evans

Kata Adults All Grades
1st Yasmin White
2nd Zoe Smith
3rd Matthew Jarrett
3rd Jayde Smith

Team Kata All Ages & Grades
1st J.D.Fleurs N.S.Barnes N.Griffiths
2nd M.Jarrett L.Kirkham M.Love
3rd M.Walker J.Timms S.Thomas
3rd W.Foreman L.Walker S.Walker

Kumite 5-7
1st Brandon Botfield
2nd Gregory Gowland
3rd Shane Price
3rd Jack Shakeshaft

Kumite Mixed Beg - 4th Kyu
1st Tom Owers
2nd Jasper Davis
3rd James Aston
3rd Mia Walker

Kumite 8 - 10 4th Kyu & Above
1st Sophie White
2nd Ben Edwards
3rd Thomas Waldron
3rd Oliver Evans

Kumite 11-13 Boys Advanced
1st Ashley Moore
2nd Jordan Darnley Fleurs
3rd Lewis Meacher
3rd Ben Thomas

Kumite 11-16 Girls Advanced
1st Ninian Schemising Barnes
2nd Ashley Avery
3rd Kayleigh Avery
3th Ellisha Cain

Kumite 14-16 Boys Beg
1st Justin Wright
2nd Rowan Condon

Kumite Girls 14-17 Advanced
1st Yasmin White
2nd Anna Ward
3rd Zoe Bedworth
3rd Charlotte Priest

Kumite 14-17 Boys Advanced
1st Ritchie Ramnial
2nd Daniel Schemising Barnes
3rd Max Love
3th Luke Kirkham

Kumite Female Adults
1st Gemma Foynes
2nd Samantha Thomas
3rd Jayde Smith
3th Zoe Smith

Kumite Mens All Grades
1st Mike Ryder
2nd Mat Jarrett
3rd Nigel Gowland
3rd Richard Bloomer

Special Awards
Well done to Adam Bayliss, Anna Watkins, William Beard, Harrison Green, Spensor Benton, William Gray
Each Student also took home a trophy showing that they have improved in their karate skills massively in the time they have been training.

Tell us about any other achievement's or awards that you receive.

Pictures and certificates will also be shown in this section.

Remember to leave all your details in the e mail.