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Feb 2019

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Welcome To New Members
Firstly welcome to all our new members. I hope you are settling in and enjoying making new friends within the club, and are starting to develop our martial arts skills.

Pre Grade Course
Sun 31st March Sun 6 March at King Charles School, Comberton Road, Kidderminster 10.00am - 12.00 Please note that this is for all students regardless of whether they are grading or not but will of course help all students who are.
We will also be having a presentation handing the cheque over to Survivors.
A video camera will be present at the pre-grade filming out latest YGK Promo Video so can everyone make sure they are wearing clean ironed karate suits.

Grading Dates
Young Gloves 1st Grading of 2019 starts week beginning 1st April Wilden Lane School.
Grading will be at all karate venues for this week finishing on Sat 6th.
Students are expected to arrive well before the start time and be fully prepared having their licence, syllabus, medication, and drink if needed.
Licences can be downloaded via our website and is your responsibility.
Parents are not permitted to stay and watch but are definitely encouraged to come along the following week to celebrate the students achievements.
Please take the time to look at the calendar that was given out to all students or check our website as to when different events are occurring over 2019.
The grading for all students will be at their respective training venues.

Student / Parent Etiquette
Just a reminder, please make efforts to;
* Arrive at karate on time
* Fresh, clean ironed Karate suit with a optional "WHITE T SHIRT" underneath.
* Sparring Kit to be brought to every lesson
* Talking to be kept to a minimum whist the classes are on to avoid distraction
* No overzealous encouragement - We are all one family and this can be intimidating to others especially young children
* No use of bad language will be permitted by student or parent/Guardians
* Parents are welcome to stop and watch but not stand and coach
* Only one child at a time will be permitted to lease the dojo for toilet breaks.
Please encourage your children to go before the lesson to avoid distraction.
Parents are not permitted to enter children's toilets under any circumstances If you wish to help your own child then please use the adult staff toilets.
This is to safe guard everyone.
* No Jewellery is allowed - newly pierced ears can be covered with tape.

Twice a Week
From Green Belt I recommend training twice a week. This will allow us to help you develop at the required rate to be ready for upcoming grades and for fill your full potential as a quality martial artist.
Contact me for options as to the right classes to suit your needs.

Sparring Kit
From Green belt all students should have their own YGK sparring kit.
For health and safety no other types of equipment will be allowed to be used whilst in the dojo or in competition.

"Together Everybody Achieves More"

Sensei Justin Thomas 5th Dan